Who are we?

We are a team of experienced Network Security professionals with many years experience in the industry. We have designed, built and secured networks for companies from startups through to multinational corporations and government departments.

What we do


When engaged on a consultancy basis we work hard to understand the requirements and concerns of both management and the teams on the ground. We endeavour to integrate seamlessly with existing teams to get the required results but also to retain that unique perspective that only an external body can provide. We have many happy repeat customers who consider us to be part of the team and call upon us to keep their business running securely.

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Palo Alto Networks Subject Matter Experts

Since Palo Alto Networks™ released their ground-breaking Next Generation firewalls in 2007 they have rapidly become a market leader in the security space. As techies with a keen interest in cutting-edge technology we adopted this technology early on and have spent many years designing, deploying and supporting Palo Alto Networks-centred networks. We maintain a close relationship with both Palo Alto Networks themselves and our peers in the community.

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Continuous Vulnerability Asssessment

Through our work in various organisations we’ve seen the benefits that penetration testing can provide to securing a public-facing web app. Unfortunately most organisations that employ this type of testing do so only once per year, usually to co-incide with audit periods. Due to the nature of the fast-moving cyber security space we believe that vulnerability scanning and remediation is a continual requirement and therefore created our Web Advance service.

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