Palo Alto Networks™ firewalls are powerful, feature-rich security appliances, however these features must be carefully configured to permit the firewall to provide the highest level of protection for your enterprise.

We’ve found during our consulting engagements that many organisations are not making full use of the many features provided by their Palo Alto Networks™ firewalls - features that are essential to keeping a company secure but are not enabled by default.

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Firewall Advance

Our Firewall Advance service consists of both a security audit and a feature configuration review of your Palo Alto Networks™ firewalls.

We provide you a report confirming the security posture of your firewalls - flagging any firewall configuration issues that could be putting your organisation at risk - together with recommendations on how your existing firewalls could provide greater benefit to your organisation.

This information could be used as guidance for your internal networks team or you may choose Cyber Security Team to implement some, or all of our recommendations as a fixed-price project.

The following are some of these features of Palo Alto Networks' firewalls that are not enabled by default and from which your company may not be benefiting:


Know - and control - the applications that are really traversing your network.

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Personalised security policy for individuals.

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Threat Prevention

Deep packet inspection, backed up by dynamic threat updates.

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Sandbox-based inspection of suspect files.

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Highly secure, always-on, VPN providing roaming users on the road the same facilities and security as in the office.

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A central management system that allows you to manage multiple Palo Alto Networks firewalls almost as one.

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The Firewall Advance service exists to helps ensure you are receiving the greatest possible benefit of your investment in Palo Alto Networks™ firewalls.

Pricing is based upon device type; from £1,500 for a PA-800 firewall with discounts for additional firewalls.

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