Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Verifying the security of your Internet-facing web applications is an ever-more crucial aspect of information security. It is often required for regulatory compliance and most importantly, to provide the reassurance that your organisation is doing everything it can to protect its data and that of its customers.

Many organisations arrange for penetration testing on an annual basis to coincide with an audit period. The reality is that software vulnerabilities are discovered constantly and new attack methods evolve daily. The 12-month period between tests is a comparative eternity in the world of cybercrime.

Our service combines the best of both worlds - the scalability of automated testing and the ingenuity of human-led testing.

Cyber Security Team will be with you throughout the year to ensure that your data is safe all of the time, not just for a week.


The starting point of an effective penetration test is understanding the infrastructure to be scanned and tailoring the techniques used to match. As part of our service we can provide a trained, certified penetration tester to augment the automatic scanning. They can leverage their experience gathered over years to think like a cybercriminal and probe your systems using real-world hacking tools and techniques. This level of testing provides you the confidence that all possible avenues of attack have been considered and tested at the outset.


Automated Vulnerability Scanning throughout the year probes your infrastructure and web applications using knowledge gained in the initial scans on a scheduled, monthly basis. After each scan, you will receive a report in which any newly detected vulnerabilities are explained; allowing you to track when and how any possible issues were introduced and most importantly, how to fix them.

Web Advance Cycle

Ad-hoc scans can also be arranged if required, for example if a large change has taken place in your infrastructure or a new web application has been published. We also recommend an annual repeat of the human-led testing.

This constant process of detection and resolution of issues provides the regular reassurance that your data is safe.

Web Advance pricing is simple at £1800 per year for the first web application (infrastructure scanning included) and £1200 per year for each additional web app. Optional manual testing is based on a flat rate per day.

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